In 1985, while in his twenties, Carles entered the Barcelona Restaurant and Hotel School. He combined his studies with work at such restaurants as Els Pescadors, L’Odissea, La Dama and the Hotel Meli, and then he met a figure who was to influence decisively his subsequent path: Ferran Adrià. Indeed, the great chef invited him to work at El Bulli, first on a training placement and later as part of his team. Seven years later, Ferran Adrià put Carles in charge of managing, right from the very initial stages, the new Talaia Mar restaurant at Barcelona’s Olympic Harbour. After that he put him in charge of the start-up of the restaurant at the prestigious Hotel Hacienda Benazuza in Sanlúcar la Mayor (Seville Province).
Carles Abellan, who had discovered his true calling in El Bulli at Cala Montjoi, finally returned to Barcelona to open his own restaurant at Carrer Comerç number 24. Since then his aim has been to remove the aura of sacredness from high cuisine and to offer his cooking in a contemporary setting at reasonable prices, without sacrificing his abiding creativity or the excellence of his ingredients.
The keystone of Carles Abellan’s proposal are his tapas, which are based on the tastes of memory and an open-minded attitude to the best of all culinary cultures.